Full Spectrum Seminars has formally adopted the Curriculum Guidelines and Standards for Dental Laser Education, initially developed in July 1992 and revised in 1998, through a consensus process with members from dental academia, industry and private practice. These guidelines establish standards of education for the demonstration of safe and effective use of lasers by dental professionals and form the basis of the Academy of Laser Dentistry Certification programs.

Full Spectrum Seminars has taken those educational guidelines and gone one step further – by emphasizing more laser safety, more laser-tissue interaction, and a discussion of virtually every procedure that can be performed with a dental laser.

Candidates who successfully complete this course as well as an examination will be awarded a Certificate of Standard Proficiency in Dental Lasers, recognized by the American Board of Laser Surgery (ABLS). The exam is not mandatory, costs $100 and can be taken online, from your own home, within 30 days of taking the two-day program. 

The American Board of Laser Surgery (ABLS) was incorporated in 1984 by nineteen recognized experts in clinical applications of lasers, laser research and fundamental laser science and safety. Leading-edge study materials and certifying examinations were developed. The Board administered its first certifying examination at Tulane University in New Orleans in 1985. Currently the Board has over 700 Diplomates in a variety of laser medical specialties around the world. The Board’s Diplomate status is highly valued by laser medical/dental/veterinary practitioners, their patients, insurers, credentialing committees, health-care institutions, and colleagues. The ABLS currently offers certifications in Laser Surgery and Medicine, Cosmetic Laser and Light Procedures, and Laser Dentistry. 

Full Spectrum Seminars, founded by Dr. Convissar, is the first and only US-based dental laser training organization to be able to offer a Certificate of Dental Laser Proficiency under the ABLS banner. This certification is highly comprehensive and is endorsed by more than 75 dental and health organizations, universities and manufacturers worldwide. 

The certification earned at Dr. Convissar’s seminar will also be a first step towards achieving full Diplomate status with the ABLS for any attendees who optionally choose to proceed to the next level (not required), and at a discounted rate provided to those attending Full Spectrum Seminars.