The Academy of Laser Dentistry has formally adopted the Curriculum Guidelines and Standards for Dental Laser Education, initially developed in July 1992 and revised in 1998, through a consensus process with members from dental academia, industry and private practice. These guidelines establish standards of education for the demonstration of safe and effective use of lasers by dental professionals. The education committee of the Academy of Laser Dentistry regularly reviews and interprets these educational standards.



Certification Program Background & Overall Educational Objectives

The educational objective of the Academy’s Laser Certification Program is to provide candidates with an overview of the scientific fundamentals of lasers, the instruments themselves, safety issues and clinical guidelines in accordance with the Curriculum Guidelines and Standards for Dental Laser Education. A main objective of the Academy of Laser Dentistry is to develop and uphold educational and clinical standards for the use of lasers in dentistry and to promote the safe and effective laser use on patients. Successful completion of the certification program formally demonstrates knowledge and clinical proficiency in laser dentistry. The program is a structured educational mechanism for dental practitioners wishing to demonstrate high standards of dental laser use.